Restyling and Transformation

Our haute-couture fur maison has also been distinguished over the years for fashion and modelling transformations. Many of our very young customers are asking to make "the old granny fur" more fashionable and contemporary.
Thanks to the inventiveness and tailor-made accuracy of our technicians, we create straightaway a model to understand the changes to be made in detail. With the reshaping, your coat will be dismantled in every single leather and adapted to the new desired model. Your fur will also be cleaned, returning gloss and hair color.
There are so many ideas that we can adapt to today fashion and above all to your taste. We can turn them into elegant vests, shorten them, change the inner fabric with a colorful and fun liner, add details, change the closure, remove a too large collar and much more.
Demodé fur will therefore take on a younger, more contemporary and trendy look. We make exclusive and unique models for each of our customers.