Furs Cleaning and Storage

Don't you know where to clean your fur, mutton or leather jacket? Contact us at our ateliers, we will handle everything!
Fur cleaning after the long winter season is of great importance for the maintenance of the garment. Smog, dirt, dust are constantly deposited on the hair, making lose its gloss and color.
Our great experience, combined with the use of modern techniques, allow us to treat your garments with the utmost efficiency. Thanks to this treatment, the fur will come new again!
Do you know where to keep your fur in the summer months? We'll think about it!
The storage service, in addition to protecting your coat from heat and moths, which would irretrievably damage your fur, is also used for the safety of your cloth, avoiding unpleasant surprises when returning from holidays.
Your fur will be guarded and storage inside a caveau armored and conditioned with controlled moisture and ambience.